Monday, February 22, 2016

February 19, 2016

Kyle flew home on Friday, February 19 on a Medical Release.  He had seen a Primary Care Physician and Optometrist in Canada, but both referred him to a Neurologist.  That's the appointment that proved impossible to get after several months of trying. With Canada's socialized medicine as it is, the Mission President felt it necessary to send Kyle back to the States for further evaluation and treatment. So we begin the process again in Medford with a Primary Care Physician appointment on Monday, February 22 and a referral to a local Neurologist.

Life has many bumps in the road, and this is but one of them. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 16, 2016

The last several weeks have been made up of doing a lot of finding. So we have tracted a lot. We have been able to find a lot of people to teach. But most of them have not been reliable. But we were able to find a man named Peter. He is in his 60's and is a great guy. He lives alone in a apartment. We taught him the restoration, and he agreed to get baptized!  Also we have found a guy named Robert. We haven't taught him a lesson yet but he had the glow of a Mormon so we are pumped!

Last weekend the weather got to -17. So we were pretty cold. But where I am is considered the banana belt. In some parts of the mission it got to -45. The whole time we were outside people were amazed that we were still doing missionary work. The Jehovah Witness's weren't even outside. 

I have also been going on exchanges all over the place which is fun because I get to experience a ton of different cultures and religions. For example, in the town of Leamington there is a religion that is called Mennonite. They are very similar to the Amish. And they dress like them too. 

On P-days we go to a native reserve where a member there is teaching us how to carve fish. So we are making a trout that we will paint. The fish once it is completed will look awesome!
Statue of Tecumseh at Fort Malden

Tecumseh /tˈkʌmsə, tˈkʌmsi/ tə-KUM-sə, tə-KUM-see (March 1768 – October 5, 1813) was a Native American leader of the Shawnee and a large tribal confederacy (known as Tecumseh's Confederacy).
During the War of 1812, Tecumseh's confederacy allied with the British and helped in the capture of Fort Detroit. Prior to the raid, Chief Tecumseh delivered a powerful speech upon a rock that is preserved to this day at Fort Malden. Fort Malden, formally known as Fort Amherstburg, is a defense fortification located in Amherstburg, Ontario. It was built in 1795 by Britain in order to ensure the security of British North America against any potential threat of American Invasion. Throughout its history, it is most known for its military application during the War of 1812 as Sir Isaac Brock and Tecumseh met here to plan the Siege of Detroit.

Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8, 2016

Here's a picture of what my area looks like
We had a little bit of snow a couple days ago, but its gone now.  I'm in the banana belt I guess so it hardly gets colder then the freezing point. It has been raining today. Winter here is a joke.  I'm so far south that I'm pretty much parallel with the states.
Yesterday we went to a small fishing town on lake St. Clair.  It looked like Alaska, and all the houses were million dollar houses.

I'm starting to get burned out on church stuff. If I hear another cheesy testimony or one that makes some one cry I think I'm going to puke.  

I have had a persistent head ache the last couple months. Also this past week my eyes have started hurting. I have started seeing random colors in my eye like when you look at a bright light and look away. Those lights appear for a few seconds and then go away. And I have floaters in my eyes everyday.  I called Mission Medical and I have an optometrist appointment tomorrow at 9 am.