Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015

Me and my companion at the Ward Christmas Party

This week was the last week of the transfer. The weather was cold but not freezing. It had snowed last week but no snow so far this week. All the locals are loving this unusually warm weather.

On Wednesday I went on Exchanges again. This time I was in my area driving the car. And we were able to find a new investigator. Also later on in the week we were able to teach for the first time a young family who are super nice.

On Saturday, we went to a funeral at the church which was open casket. First time being at a funeral. And it was depressing to say the least. That same day we had the Ward Christmas party which was kinda weird. But the Party was fun.

Because it was the last week of the transfer we got a call on Sunday letting us know what we will be doing next Transfer. I am staying, and am going to be the senior Companion which means I will get to drive the Legacy!  My new companion is Elder Beddes and that is all I know of him. My old companion is going to Weston -- my last area.

As we were driving to go emailing today. My companion was pulled over for going 20 over in a school zone... yikes man.   But the cop was cool and let him go with a warning.

Love you all,
Elder Ditty

A family we are teaching

Downtown Hamilton

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