Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015

My new companion, Elder Beddes, is from Farmington Utah.  As the Senior Companion I am doing follow up training and have to show my companion around the area. Which is kinda stressful because I am still new to Stoney Creek and haven't been in the area long.  We have a very small teaching pool so we tract a lot which sucks because everyone here is Catholic. So we are working hard to find more people to teach.

We are working with a young family who wants to get baptized. The problem is that the mom and dad aren't married, so we are working with them trying to get married. They have a desire to so I am excited! They have a young boy around 2 and a little girl about 8 months old. 
 I will hopefully get your Christmas packages on Wednesday at Zone Conference. I have been playing my Irish flute. I'm exited to learn Lord of the Rings music. It will be fun to Skype you on Christmas. The day before we do Skype I get a 2 minute call to set up the time that I will call.

Love you

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