Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

Kyle's Zone

Sorry I didn't write a recap last week. I was really rushed on time. But the last couple weeks have been good. The weather is getting really cold, so I'm having to buy a lot of winter gear. It hasn't snowed yet but the wind is picking up. Every Sunday the Zone has a sleep over which is pretty fun. Me and my companion are good. In two weeks I will probably have a new one and be done with training which I am pumped for. One of the investigators that had a baptismal date dropped out because he said the devil was tempting him to and he couldn't handle it. So its kinda frustrating. Sorry for not emailing last week and the short email this week. Again I am really rushed on time. The reason why is because of the sleep overs. It really messes up our P day schedule.

Elder Ditty

Note:  I commented that his hair seemed even whiter than usual, and he replied that he's been in the sun a lot so it's sun bleached.   Wow.  There's blonde and then there's Kyle blonde!

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