Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August 10, 2015

Kyle's Email to Mom
I have an awesome investigator named Alex. He's the nicest guy and has the coolest story. Alex was 14 in Croatia during the Balkan wars in the 1990s. His parents were high up in the government. During the course of the war he lost a lot of family. During the war the town he was in was under siege.  The only relief the town got was from the LDS church.  He said our church had saved him and thousands of people in the town.  He came into Canada during the war as a refugee and hadn't had an encounter with the church since. But then one day he got a cd about a Mormon who converted to Catholicism. The cd just made him super curious, so he studied more about Mormons.  He thought everything about us was bizarre. Then one day while driving he said Joseph Smith and his history all of a sudden made sense to him.  Then 3 days latter he runs into missionaries (me and my companion). We taught him a lesson and he took a picture of us and said that if he does convert that he will show the picture of us to people and say that we were the missionaries that taught him.  He thinks that running into us is more than a coincidence and that he has a deep respect for us and that we are truly representatives of Jesus. He is astonished that the church has kids go out all over the world and preach. Alex is a great guy and offered to buy us dinner and take us to the cn tower.  He is super wealthy by the way.  He loves just about everything towards the church. There are a few things that he has doubts about, but we'll teach him the best that we can. Love ya.

Note:  I was so excited when Kyle finally sent photos using the camera I bought him.  Being the outdoorsman that he is, I shouldn't be that surprised that the photos were of a beaver and pigeons.

"We found a lake close by and we saw a beaver."
"We have two baby pigeons out side our balcony door. Each day they keep getting bigger."

Kyle's Email to Dad
Hey dad hows it going? It's crazy that I've already been gone a month. 23 more to go. I've had some crazy experiences. I've had some pretty crazy encounters with people haha.  One person thought Ozzy Osborne was a prophet of God. I had a Muslim get on the ground and tried to have me pray like him in front of a crowd of people.  I said no,  and then he called me an Atheist and said I thought I was better then Jesus.   One other time I was at an apartment and a guy pulled the fire alarm because someone had stolen his stolen beer and he wanted the cops to show up.  The poorer people here are crazy.  But I found out that within 5 minutes in a car from my apartment are multi million dollar homes. It's crazy how segregated things are here. In the million dollar homes everyone is white while in my apartment area everyone is black.  One of my investigators is in the area with the millions of dollars and he is in a super nice apartment building that he has to pay almost 2000 bucks a month for and it only has one room. He is the nicest guy. Ask mom for the story when you get home.  Love ya.

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