Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Fellow Elders in the  MTC

Highlights of Kyle's Email July 21, 2015
Tell everyone that I love and miss them.  I'll be heading to Toronto on Monday.  I'm going to be waking up at 2:30 am and leaving the airport at 7:30 am.  I will arrive in Detroit at around 1 pm and leave at about 3 pm.  I will arrive in Toronto at about 4:30ish.  My favorite thing to do at the MTC is play soccer with the other Elders.  They let us play in the late afternoon so I get to watch the sunset over the far mountains to the West and have those huge mountains with the giant Y to the East.   All while playing soccer.  The flute that I got has been really fun.  The other Elders love the Lord of the Rings song.  Last night the district got into an arm wrestling competition.  It has been great meeting these other elders.  Such a better quality of people than what I'm used to back at South Medford.  One of the people in my District is from Alberta, Canada and he's going to Toronto for his mission.  haha that would stink.  The other missionaries in my district are going to a mission that's close to Jimmy's mission.  They have no clue what they're getting into.  I met one Elder from Dorcheshire, England.  He's going to France for his mission to speak Spanish.  So they flew him to Provo just to fly him back to Europe in a month because the England MTC doesn't teach Spanish.  Know how my Patriarchial Blessing  said I might teach people who never have heard of Jesus.  Well, my companion said that there are a lot of crazy religions there that don't worship Jesus.  So I might have to teach people that there is an all powerful God. That might be tough to get them to believe that if they believe in reincarnation.  My companion said this without knowing anything about my Patriarchial Blessing.

Kyle's Letter Mailed from the MTC
Hey family!  Since I have a lot of people emailing me, I'll write letters to you guys just to sum up my experiences.  The first day at the MTC I was in a haze.  I had no clue what was going on.  I was in a strange place with only strangers.  Over the course of my time here I've worked incredibly hard.  We're studying 14 hours a day.  I used to think 3 hours once a week was rough.  I've learned more about the church in my limited time here then I did my whole life.  I've experienced a ton of highs but an equal amount of lows.  We went into the Provo Temple today.  It was an awesome experience.  It is huge and super elaborate.  The food here is pretty good, but it makes you go and give you gas.  There's a rumor that someone is spiking the orange juice with laxatives.  One of my teachers is from the South and she has a southern accent.  The MTC has been the most unique experience of my life.  All the people here are sacrificing so much to serve the Lord.  They work so hard and study on their free time.   Prayer is something that you see constantly here.  Most days we get gym time.  I usually play soccer with the other Elders.  It's fun because they suck (ha ha).  Each day here goes faster and faster.  I'm super excited for when I leave to Canada.  Mainly because I'll be outside.  I won't be in a tiny class room the size of Jimmy's room with 10 other people.  It's making me loose my mind.  Right now my companion and I have some spare time so he's telling me about the Marvel Universe.  Today a new batch of missionaries arrived.  They're all so happy.  All the other missionaries who have been here for awhile are saying that the new people's world is about to get flipped upside down.  I especially feel bad for the poor souls who have to be here 3 months.  On of my doom room members has night terrors.  He keeps waking up in the night talking about spiders and snakes.  There's a missionary in my District who hurt himself so he's on pain pills that make him high.  He is so out of it when we are in class it's pretty funny.  The next time I write you a letter I will be in Canada!  Remember to email me and write more than a couple sentences!!!  Love you guys.

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